Reck League is a 501c3, serving Hampton Roads, VA. We create and implement unique programming for students from underperforming schools and those within known gang & gun conflict zones. Our programs serve those (ages 7-19), who need skill building and are most susceptible to systematic low-income issues. We employ an innovative approach to combat those issues; with our T.R.A.I.N (Targeted Redirection of Anger Issues in Neighborhoods) initiative and skill building initiatives. Partnering our ideas with the city and surrounding businesses will help to leverage resources to create change. As we continue to focus on our mission: skill building, mentoring and mental health; this will lead to success for future generations.


Positive Anger Redirection/ Behavior Modification

Mental Health Improvement

Education Improvement (SOL, GPA Improvement, Reading at Grade Level)

Collegiate style physical training

Health living improvement tips

Peer to Peer Group Discussion

Gun & Gang Violence Prevention

Community improvement


(Targeted Redirection of Anger Issues in Neighborhoods) is a concept program providing conflict mediation root cause analysis to targeted individuals who participate or have been a victim of gun & gang violence. These groups offer positive reinforcement and teaching skills needed for life success. Counseling via Mental health experts provides added insight into intricate problems.
This is a 6-month program created by Reck League that focuses on specific skill building courses that students can use to acquire gainful employment after completion. Each class will dive into different professions and align students with professionals from that specific field to help complete their task. What makes our program unique is the fact that all participants choose a project and work with professionals in that field to complete a proof of concept. This provides real world experience that can be used on a resume.
Girls Being Girls
GBG is a mentoring group led by successful women that teach young teenage girls the importance of maintaining self worth, social skills, confidence, etc.; in hopes of producing the next wave of great female leaders. Our focus is to develop strong mentoring bonds and connections between young leaders and problem solvers who think highly of themselves and reach their personal goals. Also, we look to provide lifelong bonds between participants along this journey. We feed your stomachs and then fill your mind with mentoring groups, skill building courses, field trips, community service, etc.
Norfolk Nighthawks
Reck League is a proud partner and site operator for the Norfolk Nighthawks program. This program provides basketball open runs and league play during the 9pm-1am hours for young risk adult. In addition we will work to provide resources and programs for participants to improve quality of life beyond the basketball court.
Summer Workout Series
In partnership with NRHA, Reck League has created a 10 week summer program that youth targets residents from neighborhoods that have limited access to recreation centers due to short staffing and closures. Our involvement will allow youth to have access to a safe space for activity and a way to beat the heat. We will partner with other organizations to bring fun & healthy resources during this program hours.
A creative course that promotes writing and critical thinking from the perspective of youth who live and witness topics that they discuss. This group of young artist and authors are provided a topic and allowed the freedom to express their opinion through writing. The collective then votes on each piece with the winners being allowed to record their music. After a 12 week course the project are then mix, mastered and performed as a theatrical pieces that tells the story. WRITER'S BLOCK is comprehensive program teaching various skills that support students with a passion for music, production, performance, etc.
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Seniors receiving graduation diploma

Since 1984, violent crimes has risen

Adults who dont have a diploma
Children live in extreme poverty

Average family income for program kids

Of poorest neighborhoods in the U.S
Reflects lowest in terms of graduation rates of seniors in US.

Engaging in activities outside of school increase graduation rate

Hampton Roads dropout rate


How can you help?

At Reck League, we strive to help children in low income Hampton Roads with limited opportunities & those affected by gun & gang violence. Our programs provide ways to unlock their potential and provide access to resources needed to excel. More than ever, we look to businesses and supporters to help sustain our community. Your donation helps to provide hours of academics and enrichment, weekly field trips, daily meals, and much more—all at no cost to their families.

To the right are numerous avenues in which you can support. By donating, you commit to being the change that you want to see.


Your tax-deductible gift makes it possible for a dream to be achieve and a life to be saved. Donations can be made at the below link, on a one time or recurring basis.


Providing an event sponsorship allows your company to support a specific cause and publicly attaches you to events that positively impacts the community.


Giving your time to our worthy cause. The value is immeasurable and provides direct access to the kids we look to help. Contact us if you would like to support any of our upcoming events.


For those that can’t support monetarily or with time; helping to spread the word is just as valuable. Pushing that share button opens our cause up to a world of new supporters.

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