Poverty VS Black Youth

Generally, we think that poverty is all about the food but in today’s time, policy makers and researchers are realizing that the poverty is not just about food. Poverty is the failure to access to housing, healthcare, food, school, existent pursue and community issues. Moreover, rights issues, participation issues and discrimination issues are also included in poverty.

When it comes to Black Americans born in poverty, many may have a minimum chance to grow up with economic success. These issues become hurdles like below.  The result of poverty can easily be tied to increased violent crimes, aggravated assault, larceny theft, motor vehicle theft, burglary, and much more. These violent crimes, also called index crimes and these are very much harmful for all the society. Moreover, family violence, community violence and gun violence decrease the sense of security, vision and hope for the future in society. 

There are many poverty related issues affecting the new generation of Black youth.  Below we unpack a few:


– Subjugation; which mean that power over the communities and individuals, this action flourishes by the wrong perceptions with no commonality in morals and values in between the middle class and lower social classes

– Disadvantaged living areas; it means that people are being forced to live in the areas where concentration aspects are very hard

– Work and employment-related hardships

– Lack of adequate health and well-being; this can be describing chronic conditions that affect the mental and physical well-being

– Less resources

– Stigma & Shame; these are the social markers imposed to a specific group to assign the low social values

– Social Isolation; it means that poor do not have social network of family and friends to call in the need for their support

– Unrecognized voice & participation

– Generational struggle due to systemic conditioning

These are a few existing conditions that often continue the cycle of poverty in the African American community.  Black youth are often the hardest hit group because limited resources often cause them to search for a quick way out of despair.  Donate and Subscribe so we can continue to bring stories about our mission.

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