St. Pauls Community Thanksgiving Dinner

This annual event provides a warm Thanksgiving meal to low income families in the downtown Norfolk communities. We take this opportunity to share our table, our resources and support to those who are less fortunate

Date: November 16

Where: Youngs Terrace Rec Center

Untiy Day Celebration Game

Unity Day focusing on bringing rival neighborhoods together. That event will promote solidarity, unity and together between groups that has a history of tension.

Date: Feb 20

Where: Youngs Terrace Field

Teen Trunk or Treat

We are excited to host our teen trunk or treat which will serve as an opportunity to bring resources to at risk teenagers who live in the St. Paul quadrant. Attending families will be feed and have a chance to engage with elected officials and other resource organizations in the area.

Date: Oct. 31

Where: Youngs Terrace Field

Xmas Dream Family Sponsorship

Your contributions will help us sponsor 20 families this holiday season. All chosen low income families with a school age child, will receive a full Christmas meal and presents. Each gift package will be delivered by Santa.

Date: Dec 21

Where: Norfolk, VA

Aim High Tablet Training Program

this program provides children with the building blocks to success. Participants receive dinner, a free tablet, and introduction to Information Technology and computer training skills.

Date: Nov & Dec

Where: Norfolk, VA

757 Gun Buy Back Initiative

Local businesses, here is your change to donate to a cause that will equate to less violence in our area. We are looking to buy back 50 guns before the end of 2021. The more money we raise will allow us to get guns out of the hands of those committing crimes.

Date: Dec 13

Where: Norfolk, VA

St. Pauls Gun & Gang Violence Symposium

Area leaders and community panelist from troble zones will sponsor teenagers who engage or are directly affected by Gun and Gang Violence. This intimate conversation will address factors that are causing this outbreak and how we can provide resources to control it. We will mentor, feed and provide ongoing mentoring to attendees.

Date: Dec 6

Where: Norfolk, VA

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