Reck League Summer Block Party

On September 3, Reck League will host our yearly Summer Block Party to cap a great summer of mentoring, sport and community!  Our goal was to provide residents in areas without gym access a safe place to play while sprinkling in sport and mentoring along the way.  This event will take place in front of the Youngs Terrace Rec Center and be used as a great way to send our students back to school with an open mind.  We preach the importance of small victories leading to larger one and that’s evident by the success of the program participants.  This day will also serve as our chance to recognize one of our own.  We will present a scholarship to a deserving young adult who is looking to transition to the next chapter of their educational journey.  For anyone looking to support this cause, donations are being accepted.  You can use the donate button at the top of the page or qr code.  Vendors and organizations wanting to partner can reach out for more information at 757 632 0580.

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